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Heder is perfectly cast as the stumbling neurotic while Thornton may sleepwalk through his sort of dastardly role (cf Bad Santa) ..he still does the job.

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With the exception of the Academy Award-nominee Monster House, Heder's post-Dynamite movies were widely panned and he risked becoming a one-hit wonder until he co-starred in 2007 with Will Ferrell in the well-received Blades of Glory (2007).

Like many of Heder's films, Blades of Glory is an absurd, slapstick caricature, in this case revolving around rival male figure skaters who must team up in a pairs competition.

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Billy Bob Thornton plays Dr P, the principal of a top-secret confidence-building class whose new intake - Roger included - "stand out as the weakest in a room full of weak men." Dr P - with the brute force backing of his enforcer Lesher (Clarke Duncan) - instills feelings of adequacy in his charges with a variety of morally questionable ruses.

These include an "initiate confrontation" instruction where his pupils have to start a fight (or worse) with someone in their immediate vicinity.

After a faltering start, Roger's bullishness begins to bloom and he plucks up the courage to ask neighbour and longtime crush Amanda (Barrett) out on a date.

However, the devious Dr P sees the new Rog as a threat and begins his own seduction of Amanda, sticking closely to his class mantra "Lie, then lie some more." Road Trip and Old School director Todd Phillips reins back his traditional gross-out inclinations to produce a likeable comedy that almost invites the adjective subtle.

It happened to Get Carter, someone should have been shot for The Ladykillers and The Wicker Man was the last straw.