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He was raised to believe in the tradition of arranged marriage, and a western, divorced non-Islamic woman would never get his parent's approval.

"They were still of the belief that he was gonna marry a girl of their choice," says Bhatia.

By the time Wharfe joined the palace guard, and became head of security, Diana's marriage was crumbling and she was deeply involved in her first affair with riding instructor James Hewitt.

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She had a new relationship with married art dealer Oliver Hoare.One night, Diana drove up to the palace, and her trunk popped open. "He said, 'Well, sir, quite late last night, sir, the princess arrives home …When Hoare broke off the relationship and returned to his wife, Diana reportedly made more than 300 nuisance calls to his home.Hoare called the police, who traced the calls to the princess. "I do think that the drip, drip effect of embarrassing revelations about her private life had a corrosive effect on her public image," says Jephson.and then the boot sprung or the trunk sprung, sir, and a man got out of the boot, sir,'" recalls Wharfe. ' And he said 'Absolutely serious.' He said, 'Well, we did recognize the man, sir, and he went inside, and left later that night.' But of course, I subsequently found out this was Mr. And the princess and I had a discussion about it." Wharfe and the princess worked out more conventional ways to get Hoare into the palace. Wharfe remembers one rude awakening early one morning by the palace smoke alarm. I don't think anything more needed to be said." Before long, evidence that the marriage had collapsed was hard to ignore, and the palace finally stopped pretending that Charles and Diana were still a royal couple.

"As I sort of went down to the ground floor, so the smell of cigar smoke became stronger and stronger. Hoare standing underneath this sort of decorative bay tree in the lobby of Kensington Palace, and unfortunately he couldn't get out because the door was locked and they were alarmed, but he was leaving the property," says Wharfe. But the end of the marriage was not the end of the problems in Diana's life.

Princess Diana was the most photographed woman on the planet – and she knew the power of a picture.

The world thought that Diana had finally found true love with Dodi Fayed during the last summer of her life. I'm absolutely certain of that," says author Kate Snell, who has a surprising theory on why photos of Dodi and Diana were taken and broadcast around the world just before her death. Diana's search for love almost always played out publicly, from the day of her marriage, which was probably doomed the day it began.

"I remember saying specifically to him, 'Well, look, you know, if it's over, I said, consider yourself to have been in a very privileged position,'" recalls Wharfe. Live with that memory.'" Even while she was still married to Prince Charles and still seeing Hewitt, Diana had reportedly begun a romance with a third man, a car dealer named James Gilby.

Diana and Gilby sometimes had to settle for passionate phone conversations, despite warnings from Wharfe that cell phone calls were not always private.

The visits were always kept discreet, and allowed the couple a small taste of normalcy."We would use sort of beaches and woodland areas nearby," says Wharfe.