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I felt like an outsider, the black sheep.” Her mother, Georgia Holt, now 83, was a sometime actress who had six husbands. He was 11 years older, separated from his first wife, and trying to make it in the music business.

Her father, John Sarkisian, was a truck driver, gambler, drug addict, and petty criminal. “He was in prison for a long time.” Soon after leaving home and high school at 16, she met Sonny Bono at an L. “I swear to God, the moment I saw Sonny, everyone else in the room disappeared,” Cher says.

“He’s totally worthwhile.” ‘Burlesque’ Star Kristen Bell: Cher Made Me Feel So Special She tells me that meeting men has never been easy, though she’s worked hard at it.

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“I kept going to rehab with him to help him try to kick drugs. Then Elijah was born, and a year later I left Gregory for good.As crazy as I was about him, I wasn’t going to let him be around my kids.” Today 34-year-old Elijah Blue Allman is the lead singer of the rock band Deadsy. He’s been asked by Louis Vuitton to design a label for them.” For her part, Chastity generated headlines last year when she revealed she was undergoing gender-transition surgery to become a man named Chaz. I believed that once she stopped drugs, she would have a much better life and put the transgender idea on the back burner.” But after getting sober in 2004, Chaz became more determined than ever. It’s going to be the biggest nightmare that will not stop. Even when you’re feeling sick, hurting a lot, like you might die, once you get out there onstage and find everything is working–the lights, the music–you know you’ll be fine.that the two connected on Facebook after she became intrigued by his “strange” personality and profile.“[On my friend's page] there was this really funny guy, who said the weirdest things.When asked about her love life, the 64-year-old surprised host Cynthia Mcfadden by revealing details of her current relationship.

She said, "I have a boyfriend, that we have decided that we are some place between boyfriend and best friend. He makes me laugh more than anybody I've ever known. Although little is known about Zimmerman, his writing credits include the television series '7th Heaven', as well as the hit US sitcom 'My Wife and Kids'.The room’s 12-foot arched windows overlook gardens, an infinity pool, the Pacific Ocean. At 64, she is a true American icon, someone who rose from a hardscrabble upbringing to become a symbol of unabashed Hollywood glamour and reinvention. Photos: Cher’s Sexy and Outrageous Fashions Her men have come and gone, people she loves have been lost to drugs or death, and at one point she even contemplated suicide.From its seaside bluff, the home–which was built to Cher’s specifications in 1999 and includes a guest house, theater, gym, and tennis courts–looms over the beach like some vast, displaced fairy-tale castle. She has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, her concert tours and Las Vegas shows are sellouts, and she’s an Oscar-winning actress who has co-starred with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. “I did it because I wanted to sing in a film,” says Cher, who plays a club owner and den mother to a bevy of showgirls. But she has persevered, often in the harsh glare of the public eye.Like, under religion, it said ‘Zeus.’ He’s very strange but the funniest person you ever met,” she shared about her comedy writer beau.Cher said since she couldn’t display her real name on her profile, Ron assumed she was “either a hooker, a female impersonator, or a transvestite, because he couldn’t imagine why I was so upset that I had to go back and forth to Las Vegas [for my shows].” As for their reported 12-year age difference, Cher said it wasn’t a problem. And he's very crazy, but very smart, and very talented". He was also co-executive producer on the short lived series 'Action', and appeared as an actor in the 2001 JET LI movie, 'The One'.