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Other teams, he played for include Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, St.Louis Rams, the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks.

Photos of the Sacramone, Quinn wedding leaked on Tumblr and Facebook Monday.

Alicia Sacramone, now Quinn, was seen wearing a beautiful white wedding dress with her bridesmaids.

With NFL free agency ramping up this week, Quinn is hoping to catch on with a team in need of a back up quarterback.

Congratulations Alicia Sacramone and Brady Quinn on your wedding!

Quinn signed with the Miami Dolphins in August 2014, but never had the chance to play in the team as he was released after he signed and choose to go with his new job at FOX Sport.

Here is all you need to know about the former QB, now turned NFL game analyst.

Brady was born in Columbus, Ohio on the 27th day of October 1984 to Tyrone J. He is the second of three children born to his parents.

He began playing American football right from his days in high school (Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin, Ohio).

The Alicia Sacramone, Brady Quinn wedding happened last weekend and the happy, athletic couple showed off their classic smiles in photos.

Alicia Sacramone, a member of the silver medal winning Team USA at the 2008 Summer Olympics, had been dating Brady Quinn since 2007.

Quinn was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2007 and has bounced around the NFL since then as a backup quarterback.