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While supplying award-winning solutions for international websites we gained a lot of experience which we always re-implemented back into TYPO3.We know, that multi-language means more than having two languages in your system - it’s about regional differences for different countries and markets, on a highly flexible level to fit your needs.

But not only have we seen everything, we’ve also been able to cope with every challenge digital content has thrown at us.One thing in life you cannot speed up is gaining experience - TYPO3 has you covered.Whatever your challenges in digital are - you have the capability to bend TYPO3 towards your audience's needs.The community offers an extension for almost any challenge.So you can be sure to have one of the most intuitive and field-proven solutions at hand to help you go global.

In 2004 we already established a dedicated security team of experienced developers to keep your system and your data safe.Please also describe why you've submitted you patch, if it regards to a ticket, a link would be great. Uses the vagrant box: Armin Vieweg/ubuntu-xenial64-lamp Also the provider scripts, shipped in Vagrantfile, use typo3_console to install a blank TYPO3 installation (with DCE already installs ;-)).But you also got all the freedom in the world to choose what you want for rendering your website or online application. By supplying both built-in caching as well as high-speed lean API access TYPO3 will grow as you grow your business.So your website can be mobile-friendly, mobile-ready,mobile-first or whatever-we-will-be-faced-with-in-10-years-first, it’s all in your hands. We designed TYPO3 to support multi-language sites more than 15 years ago.We built TYPO3 to be extensible right from the start.