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You may also download individual data installers from here, although this is not the recommended option.

Since our Charts are also from Jeppesen, and are also updated each AIRAC cycle, using Navigraph's services for both FMS Data and Charts will result in the best possible match between data and charts.

Install the thumb drive to the display unit and choose each database file’s “LOAD” function on the SET MENU Database Maintenance page.

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Video: Link Existing Jeppesen Charts Purchase Jeppesen Charts Flight department? Fore Flight's advanced electronic flight bag technology combined with Jeppesen's world-class aeronautical data products gives you a one-stop-shop for all of your flight planning, weather, and charting needs.

Check out our Jeppesen FAQs by clicking the button below.

The table below contains the planned release dates for the next few years.

Database sharing is supported by EFIS software versions 2a (HXr), 6a (HX), 10 (SX), all Mini, all EX, and newer versions.

Most systems already have been updated for these databases, which were released in 2009.

To Update Display Unit: Download each file to the root directory of the USB thumb drive.

After the display is finished loading the files, you may go to SET MENU and choose MOVING MAP. Here you may choose to display them on ALL MAP PAGES, which will display them in Track UP.

Note: WS and HS models may need extra storage to use all of these databases.

Navigraph has provided FMS Data since October 2006 after the merger with Richard Stefan of NAVData-Service* who had previously worked on similar datasets since 1999.

Our FMS Data is sourced from Jeppesen, a professional navdata provider for major airlines worldwide.

We release new FMS Data according to the AIRAC cycle which is numbered YYNN (where YY is the two last digits of the year and NN is the cycle number).