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It was, however, interesting to hear her story about being a street dancer and being helped along by her brothers.

She went to a performing arts school but hated the ballet and jazz classes. Since she’s in the first slot, it’s a sure sign that the producers think she’ll be gone soon.

It includes a hot kiss and effectively uses a door as a prop.

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For his solo, he combines a contemporary sensibility with a hip hop beat and really rocks it.

It was a smart move, considering the popularity of hip-hop.

Mark glides through with ease but Comfort looks awkward. There are many lifts and something called an airplane where Joshua swings Chelsea around by one leg and arm. While that and the lifts were impressive I thought they interfered with the flow of the piece.

She knew it was going to be hard though, exclaiming before the routine, “Lord Jesus how am I going to pull this off? You could almost hear the wheels turning too, as they placed this foot here, that hand there, now lift, etc.

Lythgoe says Joshua has the biggest bum in the competition.

Um, OK.(Sidenote: I love that some of the dance couples are black and white.

(Generally that is the slot of death since those first up are least remembered by voters.

I got that from the official guidebook for entertainment reality shows.

and I’m curled up on my comfy couch with a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, spoon at the ready.

Like last week, each couple will dance twice and each dancer will do a solo. (Everybody chant: “Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! ”) She didn’t die after her famous video but went on to choreograph for many including Bette Midler’s current Las Vegas show and soon, Tina Turner.

Then Katee and Twitch bounce through a cute Tyce Diorio choreography to “Sweet Georgia Brown.” Lythgoe comments that Twitch is the least trained dancer but yet rises to every challenge. Murphy yells that they’re fantastic and Basil intones that because Twitch comes from the street, he dances from the inside out.