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If the generator happens to be offline, and no one else is around, grab a repair tool and fix the generator.

If a Technician is available you would be more helpful defending them while they repair.

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The Generator starts with 6000 health and an auto-repair time of minutes.It is usually the job of the Technician to protect and maintain their team's generator.Light Turrets are great tools for base defense, they can quickly shoot down enemies that are not expecting them, and help the technician to deal with intruders by making the fight more of a 2 on 1 in their favor.The Improved Repair Tool allows the Technician to quickly repair the generator in the event that it is destroyed.The amount of time depends on what level the generator has been upgraded to, starting at minutes down to at MK. It is better to repair them before this happens however, as none of your team's assets will function without it (except for Inventory Stations called-in by a Supply Drop).

Repair Tools are mounted around the generator room and are accessible at all times.You can always walk by the generator room and fire a shot or two regardless of your class.This is a great way to keep your base a little bit safer.This allows more varied capping routes than when the field is up.On Permafrost, the flag actually moves out to the roof of the base (where there are nice ramps for the cappers) if the generator is destroyed, while it remains inside when it's online.The map Dangerous Crossing does not have a generator at all, and therefore base assets and player deployables will always work unless they are destroyed themselves.