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If Twitter were just these two bots tweeting at each other, I wouldn’t complain. Another algo art bot, and one of a few accounts on this list by Darius Kazemi, Reverse OCR draws random lines until optical character recognition software thinks it looks like a certain word.

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On the accompanying website, they become unintentional sonnets.In a similar fashion, this bot by Cameron Spencer looks for tweets unwittingly composed in the structure of a haiku.The bot tweets whatever evocative tags are applied to new stories on the Awl, which are often more enticing than headlines.(See also: Digg Kickers and Verge Pullquotes.) Not all bots are profound.The results, like other forms of algorithmic art, are often beautiful.

Then there was the time Pixel Sorter started flirting with Bob Poekert’s Quilt Bot, which applies a quilt fabric pattern to any image.

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