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Maple tree pruning may be done in the spring, with the best months to prune being the time immediately after leaves appear.

These issues can become difficult or impossible to remedy later on.Trim away side shoots and any branches that hinder others, interfere/scrap other branches and any limbs that are diseased, broken or unthrifty. Remember to clear away any of the debris that falls around the base.Older trees will generally require a professional, but cutting lower level and smaller branches can be accomplished by the home owner.Do not remove too many large limbs on mature trees.Maple trees can provide more than just shade and beauty.

Try shaping and pruning certain desirable branches if you would like to plan for a swing, tree house or unique tree structure.Selective pruning that opens up the canopy mitigates disease and pest risks.Allowing good air circulation through the branches is critical to propagating tree health.You can prune off little twigs coming off the stem of the maple tree.By pruning off the little branches, the tree will put further energy into growing up and out into the larger branches. They may not be much trouble for a young tree, but they will become prominent weak areas that can kill or shorten a tree's lifespan as it matures.Canopy pruning on mature maple trees involves significant risk to the arborist.