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Buster continues to clash with Annyong when they two compete to see who can get a date first. has died in Mexico, but Buster is kept unaware of the death due to his destructive outbursts when he is angry. Michael tries to steer him toward Lucille 2 in order to convince her to sell her Bluth Company stock back to the family. Being confined with Buster, however, takes it toll on his mother who begins to alienate him.

Kitty shows interest in Buster, but only so she can make a power move for the Bluth Company. When Lucille 2 lures him to her apartment, she "juices" him out so he misses his mother's trial.

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Lucille tired of his constant presence at her apartment so she asked Michael to spend time with him. After falling off the Queen Mary, Buster is rescued unharmed from the ocean.He seemed to be growing more independent, but ended up clinging back to his mother. Walter Weatherman, the one-armed man who teaches lessons. He, along with his family, are taken to the Harbormaster's Lodge.Byron "Buster" Bluth is portrayed by Tony Hale and appears in 66 episodes of the series.Buster is last seen in "Premature Independence" where he is escaping from prison during the 2nd of July parade. Buster is the socially awkward younger half-brother of Michael Bluth and is a main character of Arrested Development.When Michael finds out that Buster has been receiving a paycheck from the Bluth Company, he puts him to work. After returning from surgery in Canada, Buster becomes jealous of Oscar and Annyong for the time they spend with Lucille. perform an illusion in his father's memory, but freaks out when he finds out the truth. Lucille, looking for an alibi, says she commandeered the Queen Mary to rescue Buster.

He fails at his responsibilities in the copy room and moves to a construction site where he plays Chicken with G. He scares off Oscar, who actually supports Buster, and ruins Annyong's soccer game. Buster decides he needs a girlfriend and must decide between his old flame Lucille Austero and the much more age-appropriate Starla. Although Buster doesn't admit this at first, he does agree to be her "star" witness at her trial.

Also, commonly cited effects of a hemispherectomy include "arrested development" and loss of the use of contralateral extremities, including feet and hands. His education and panic attacks failed him and he handed the responsibilities over to Michael.

Buster had been enjoying an extended education on the Bluth Company's dime. When the Bluth's funds were frozen, Buster's education was placed on hiatus. and Michael a lesson about using people without appendages to teach lessons.

Buster was a graduate student for many years and never had a real job.

He initially tried to lead the Bluth Company with his 18th-century agrarian business education, but handed it off to Michael quickly.

She wanted to be his lover and he wanted a mother so she kicks him out.