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They then drift as needed from one definition to another in order to make false analogies – like the one here about SETI.

Here is a detailed refutation by Jeffrey Shallit of information claims by ID proponents. 3) No mutation that increases genetic information has ever been discovered.

Evolution is the non-random survival of those traits that provide an advantage to survival and reproduction in the current environment. The watch analogy is not valid because a watch is an inanimate object.Biological evolution occurs within systems that are self-reproducing and contain variation and differential survival and reproduction.The statement also implies that evolution is “random.” This is false.Mutations are random, and variation may be random, but natural selection is decidedly not random, and therefore evolution is not random.(A mousetrap is a simple example.) If any part of that system were missing, the system would cease to function.

Gradual additions could not account for the origin of such a system.

In fact, it has been shown that complex information can emerge spontaneously out of blind and natural processes following relatively simple rules.

Creationists abuse information theory by making claims about information without ever defining the term.

It does not address the century and a half old refutation of this argument – that biological systems could have evolved from simpler systems that were functional but served a different purpose from their current one.

Further, all the examples (stated here and elsewhere) of supposed irreducibly complex systems have been shown to have simpler antecedents.

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