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Floods destroyed eight bridges and ruined crops such as wheat, maize and peas in the Karimabad valley in northern Pakistan, a mountainous region with many glaciers.

In many parts of the world, glaciers have been in retreat, creating dangerously large lakes that can cause devastating flooding when the banks break.

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These high temperatures have been exacerbated by air currents over the Arctic guiding storms into the region and drawing warmer air from the tropics.

The storms prevented ice from forming properly by breaking it up before it became stable.

“Because of climate change either we have floods or not enough water to irrigate our crop and feed our animals,” says the photographer.

“Picture clearly indicates that the extreme drought makes wide cracks in clay.Climate change can also increase rainfall in some areas, while bringing drought to others.Sindh province in Pakistan has experienced a grim mix of two consequences of climate change.Amid a flood in Islampur, Jamalpur, Bangladesh, a woman on a raft searches for somewhere dry to take shelter.Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable places in the world to sea level rise, which is expected to make tens of millions of people homeless by 2050.Following an ice-free February in the town of Savoonga – located on St Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea – ice returned at the beginning of May. biggest open patch in front of town is maybe as big as a football field.” This lack of stability had an impact on animals as well.