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The show would be better suited to a town in between New Orleans and Lafayette or thereabouts. It's a shame that sexist perverts feel the need to put in the show and ruin it. I'm shocked so many women sink so low to go nude. Oh, and people in Louisiana don't speak like this... First and foremost, all of the accents the actors use are poorly executed and inconsistent. How about a large group of rednecks, overplayed by the actors, confronting a newly emerging group of uncloseted vampires. While this plot is an attempt to divulge from the traditional vampire storyline, and I appreciate that, it just doesn't work. The very unrealistic scene with the vampire-draining in the middle of a busy parking lot, was just plain silly.I mean it's a neat show and all, it's just seriously misleading about the area in which it's set- as anyone who's ever been to Shreveport can tell you. I would still watch it if it weren't for all the retarded nudity. The show would be great if there wasn't breasts every second. I mean, some of the actors have different accents at different times in the storyline. It's simply not believable that this social arrangement would ever be permitted to happen by government and society at large. where was the bar owner who chased the girl outside.True Blood is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball.

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The series centers on the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress with an otherworldly quality. Love the whole supernatural aspect of it and very thrilling and twisiting at the end of every season with new tricks and unique perspectives into the drama. "I want to be sucked by a vampire", must be what goes through the vampires fan club. i'm not quite sure i can come up with 10 lines, though...i could go on saying what at least 5 or 10 others have said...'alan ball' 'high expectations' 'loved everything else he's done' and, though that's now all cliché, it's also true.

I guess there's an audience for that shit, same with the zombie craze that's going on atm. actors aren't really « real » it's hard to get in the story as the acting is not impecable and the heaving accents are a bit hard to swallow. but then, again, i watch 'dexter', too..the beginning of the second season -- the first two episodes -- had me wondering if i should go on to the third...a friend guaranteed me that it gets better. characters, premises and a zillion plot lines to introduce... Sure there is sex that was somewhat erotic but Anna's gimmick about hearing people's thoughts drove me nuts.

The story starts in a novella, "Alpha and Omega" in the "On the Prowl" anthology and the first book is "Cry Wolf". I agree if you did not read this book then you would find the first episode extremely long.

They should be read in chronological order because the characters and story lines develop and make more sense. The first episode is about 1/10 of the book, so can you imagine trying to get into the series...

The accents become better in more serious scenes- just enough southern without overdoing it. If they want to even the nudity out with some full frontal hot male nude scenes (butt doesn't count) maybe I might not mind watching it. It was like I was watching a vampire film from created by they guys at Asylum... Oh, and the music was also laughable, did they take it from an old Hammer film? "True Blood" is not destined to be one of these greats. I want to see an interesting plot, committed acting, and something new and refreshing; not more pointless nudity.

The character Lafayette has the most realistic accent in the whole show- but many times, the Paquin overdoes it and end up sounding like Kira Sedgwick. Beyond that, the "country-style" everything has in the show isn't like Shreveport at all. Jason should get full frontal in that case along with several other males on the show. If you can't make a great show witout nudity, then get somebody else who can do the job. the guys that did the low-rent "War of the Worlds", and many bad horror films. Now, before I get crucified for not drooling over anything that premiers on HBO, let me explain.... It seems as if the producers were trying to fill up time with this soft core porn. The script is simply mind numbing at times, the acting is barely average, most of the characters are over the top stereo types, and the comedy attempts... I have a deep passion and respect for the vampire in film and literature, but if your looking for a positive contribution to the genre here, you'll be disappointed. if the show stays the way the pilot suggests, then this will be a rare total flop to me.

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