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“The tried and tested way of active measures is to use an adversary’s existing weaknesses against himself, to drive wedges into pre-existing cracks,” Thomas Rid, a professor of war studies at King’s College London, told Politfact.

“The more polarized a society, the more vulnerable it is.

It comes after considerable criticism from food banks, charities and council leaders that the roll-out of the scheme – devised by Iain Duncan Smith – is pushing claimants further into rent arrears and increased debt.

And America in 2016, of course, was highly polarized, with lots of cracks to drive wedges into, but not old wedges, improved high-tech wedges that allowed the Kremlin’s operatives to attack their target faster, more reactively and at a far larger scale than ever before.” Pamela Moore, another popular online personality during the 2016 election who tweeted using the handle @Pamela_Moore13.

was also created in the same Russian troll factory with the same basic mission — to sow division and heighten racial tension among Americans.

Former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn followed both accounts.

His son, Michael Flynn Jr., shared a tweet from the Abrams account just days before the election.

Any woman due to reach age 60 before 2010 kept her pension age.

Women born after 6 April 1950 saw their state pension age gradually rise until those born after 6 April 1955 had their state pension paid from age 66 just like men.Jenna Abrams was a popular figure in right-wing social media circles.Boasting nearly 70,000 followers, Abrams was featured in numerous news articles during the 2016 election, spotlighted by outlets as varied as USA Today, the Washington Post, the BBC, and Yahoo! Her tweet about CNN airing porn during Anthony Bourdain’s show (it didn’t) was reported by numerous outlets. According to information released by House Democrats earlier this week, Abrams was one of more than 2,750 fake Twitter accounts created by employees at the Internet Research Agency, a “troll farm” funded by the Russian government based in St. In addition to the Abrams account, several other popular conservative social media personalities — @Laura Baeley, South Lone Star, Ten_GOP — were all revealed to be troll accounts. According to the Daily Beast, the agency developed a following around the Abrams account by offering humorous, seemingly non-political takes on pop culture figures like Kim Kardashian.As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner.For a month you will receive access to the following: Help us grow and continue telling Israel’s story to the world.But the funds have to be run in accordance with the requirements of the investors and not according to my religious beliefs.