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v=Qxt FXti Ubbw"]You Tube - Balloon Boy's Father To CNN: "I'm Appalled At You! They notice Nicole walking alone and call her into the studio and talk about Balloon Boy for a few moments before she has to return to her studio. v=3Bcxw0n UD10"]You Tube - Balloon Boy Throws Up Live On TV[/ame] Opie reads instant feedback saying that Jill was just discussing Ant's cheating on TV with a relationship expert.

more calls about the Balloon Boy and a joke about a line Opie said earlier.

Fifth hour: They have to plug the beer that the IS is drinking today.

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We listen to Linda Hogan accusing different wrestlers of being gay.

Jerry Springer comes in to talk about politics and promote his new game show.

more calls about Jill including someone who remembers that Keith was at the fire, someone who points out that Ant pays Keith to watch his house, and someone who wants to replace Keith as Ant's manservant. He defends himself and admits that he did indeed watch the fire happen but says that he doesn't remember if he held the camera or not and says that he loves "Jilly". ~break~ Opie says that they discovered something new that Bobo does: he says "yeah, that's right" when you say something true to him. Ant & Opie say things to him and ask him questions to get him to say it. Opie asks Bobo about his fight with a fake Bobo on Twitter. v=zi Lo M38-wkg"]You Tube - opie's eye - Big A, the newsreader... v=dh Towt N3e1M"]You Tube - opie's eye - Big A the newsreader Balloon Boy ( part two)[/ame] After it's finally done Ant tells Big A that he has never seen Big A have this much difficulty. Big A brings up Bobo's terrible spelling on Twitter but Bobo blames it on his computer and his slow dial-up connection.

Danny has Bobo use his computer but Bobo's spelling still stinks. They have Bobo type some stuff on Danny's computer but he can't spell.

v=UAQf1u AHa XM"]You Tube - The 5th Dimension - Up, Up and Away[/ame] He then says that they trademarked the name "Balloon Boy" and tells Sam to tell CNN about it. v=ntvkk-x4CWU"]You Tube - Japanese Sniper Prank[/ame] a couple of calls about Balloon Boy including telling them about the boy puking on The Today Show this morning.

Wolf Blitzer later asking the boy's dad why the boy mentioned the show: [ame="

Opie says that he was in the doctor's office yesterday when the whole Balloon Boy thing happened yesterday and he thanks Twitter for keeping him informed about it.

They get into the whole news story and what happened and that it now appears to be a hoax. stupid Wolf Blitzer interviewing the family last night: [ame="

He says that Opie talks about going to the allergist yesterday.

It turns out that he is allergic to trees and trees can kill him.

old clip of Clubsoda Kenny singing the German version of 99 Red Balloons.