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Because not every woman is interested in dating a man with children.

A guy who's got em full time is tougher..can't really get away from them as much. The only thing that bothers me about men with kids are the ones who make it clear that if you're into them, they'll drop them off somewhere for you or leave them with their mom after they are asleep.

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I have a child, but I have to say, I would be hesitant to date a guy who had 2 children by 2 different women.

I wouldn't instantly say no, but it would definitely make me think twice.

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That is the way that we are biologically wired—the bearers of our DNA are subjectively more worthy than individuals who do not share our genetics. A single father is already giving his money to a child from another marriage, and sometimes an ex-wife.

This makes him a poor proposition for a woman who wants her own children one day, because the single father will not be able to give the second child everything. Only now some of her resources might end up going to a child that is not hers, in a locutious way, taking away from her own sense of long-term financial stability.Are you trying to date women who have children as well?I wouldn't expect to find a single woman with no kids who would be okay with that. Women don't usually find maturity in 23 yr old men. Being a parent is difficult, and of course being a single parent is even more difficult.At 23 I would not have dated a guy with two kids and two baby mamas. At that age I had no desire to deal with baby mamas and insta-mommy bs.I was having fun with my friends and practicing safer sex practices, which based on the fact you have two kids by two different women makes me wonder if you know what a condom is.Says you have been very irresponsbile and reckless in your sex life. Why aren't you with the mothers of those children??? Means you are immature and can't handle relationships perhaps.