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I’m not impoverished, and I have several middle class friends who are doing well in this country.

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They do not understand the difference between displaying affection and becoming physically, obsessive.The Leach initiates constant hand holding, nibbling, biting, groping, rubbing and other bodily contact.– This type of Cling-On never makes any plans of their own, just in case their significant other randomly wants to do something throughout a day or during the night.Nancy No Life makes little to no time to interact or engage with their friends or associates who existed in their lives prior to the existence of their relationship.It’s just unfortunate that the ways in which these people try to secure that love, results in the dissolution of their romantic relationships.

Since Cling-Ons are usually very sweet and kind people as well, their ex’s have never expressed the real reasons why they decided to leave.

A clingy individual showers their significant other with tiny acts of love and endearment.

However, in the process, Cling-Ons tend to oversaturate their partners lives by demanding all of their time and attempting to fill the majority of their space.

– This Cling-On physically grabs and maintains a hold on their partner in public and private environments.

The Leach exists as almost a second skin on their lovers body.

In fact, it was further explained that African Americans own less than one percent of U. It’s ignorant of Rye to use her friends as barometers for Black America anyway.