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She is described as a sensitive girl with dreams of becoming an actress, but her yen to act is also balanced by a shyness about performing.applies to Stockholm’s Royal Dramatic Theatre. Her first try for the Theatre fails because she lacks experience.The local RKO rep introduces Blum to the director of the Theatre, who cannot think of anyone suitable from the current crop of students.

Set in a post-war Paris of black marketeering and the rooting-out of Nazi collaborators, with Dennis Morgan as a cynical café owner, it was an unsuccesssful attempt to be emulate Casablanca, but Darcel's one scene (unbilled) as a buxom bar singer delivering a seductive version of the French standard "La Vie En Rose", was a highlight.

The film's female star was Viveca Lindfors, one of several continental actresses of the time whom Hollywood vainly hoped might equal the impact of Greta Garbo or Ingrid Bergman; Darcel would join that list, along with such actresses as Marta Toren, Micheline Presle and Corinne Calvet. " A hit with both critics and audiences, Battleground won an Oscar for its writer, Robert Pirosh, and Darcel figured in one of the film's few light moments when her zestful cutting of a loaf of bread, slicing it with the knife pointing towards her breasts, causes a perturbed GI (Van Johnson) to leap up and warn her of possible injury.

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her childhood is unremarkable although marred by the loss of her sister at an early age and the divorce of her parents.

She was at her most likeable as an aspiring channel swimmer in the Esther Williams musical Dangerous When Wet (1953), sharing with Jack Carson a chorus of the best of the Arthur Schwartz-Johnny Mercer songs, "Ain't Nature Grand?

" She received top billing for the only time as a French rebel leader in 1760 in the lively Flame of Calcutta (1953), then had one of her best roles as a countess who enlists two mercenaries (Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster) to escort her as she transports a gold shipment during the Mexican revolution of 1866 in Vera Cruz.

In coversation afterwards, she is fairly cool to Blum's idea of a Hollywood contract.

She thinks it is too far-fetched and unlikely to lead anywhere. Her English is serviceable, and when she warms to a particular scene, Blum notices a spark in her performance, so he makes a definte offer.

Denise Darcel was a voluptuous actress and singer who appeared in several feature films in the early 1950s.

She tempted Tarzan in Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950), was leading lady to Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster in Robert Aldrich's western Vera Cruz (1954), and had a particularly rewarding association with director William Wellman, playing the only female speaking role in his persuasively gritty war movie Battleground (1949), and heading a wagon train of 150 resourceful mail-order brides led by wagon master Robert Taylor in Westward the Women, the director's undervalued account of a pioneering trek from Chicago to California.

When asked about her current romantic life, Martha simply replied, "I'm dating a little here and there," before confirming her ideal age range in a significant other. "I went on a trip to Egypt and I took this guy with me and I thought, he'll be fun. "I had all my nieces and nephews with me and during the trip I found out he was younger than my daughter. " Steward confessed the relationship was more than just a fling and that the guy in questions was a "boyfriend," but she was clueless about his real age at the time. The two co-host "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" together on VH1. And Snoop likes that," she said of the collaboration.