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In Pakistan, university radicals, with the help of the labour movement, played a pivotal role in toppling President Ayub Khan.

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The art students featured in Patricia Holland's recently-exhumed documentary The Hornsey Film (1970) rail against the bureaucratisation of their degrees and what they see as the artificial gulf between themselves and their lecturers.Similarly, in Godard's little-known British Sounds (1969), Essex University students are shown debating revolutionary tactics as well as putting the Beatles under intellectual scrutiny.Rally after rally was organised, one of which featured Jean-Pierre Léaud, the lead actor in Truffaut's first masterpiece, Les 400 Coups (1959).Eventually, on May 2, Langlois reopened his cinema.Or unless he was being SUPER clever and Jessica hates Tessa and this was Scott's back door way of saying he hates Tessa too. Or perhaps 4) She wasn't there because she decided to stay home with Toddler Moir. They make money from and promote themselves to fans by mocking fans into believing a pack of lies - and then charging fans for the lies.

After all, what parent would fly to a Caribbean resort with her husband to enjoy some r&r under the sun after a long competitive season and relatively brief SOI tour if it meant taking a toddler along? And if they decided to take the brief trip as a couple, with whom would they leave Toddler Moir? Tessa is hiding from the camera because we better believe it's all getting stockpiled for money-making or promotional ventures, and certainly not for fan eyes for free with nothing in it for them. they do in the fan direction must have something in it for them, something solid - forget plain old good will. Of course they'll want to make at least the same amount of money and bleed more promotion on the back end of this deal - squeeze money from telling the truth. But now we'll reveal the truth - for only the price of THIS book or if you tune in to THIS self-aggrandizing special on cbc and/or tsn and help the ratings and their sponsors." Couldn't Tessa have posed with "the girls" and not Scott, or does that mean that we, the fans, seeing Tessa there among dozens and dozens of other skaters as well as supposed male platonic pals of Tessa's, would automatically take it she and Scott are together?

One school of thought says it did, that the catalyst came three months earlier when Henri Langlois was sacked from his position as director of the Cinémathèque Française.

Langlois had created the institution decades before and had made it into one of the world's finest film archives, personally saving titles such as Abel Gance's Napoléon from oblivion, keeping the place running through the dark years of the Nazi occupation, and curating adventurous programmes that inspired a generation of teenage cinephiles, among them Truffaut and Godard, to become film makers.

They had been prefigured by the hostility to the American campaign in Vietnam that inspired the resentment of the US military that was dramatized in Peter Brooks's Tell Me Lies (1968) and is echoed in much of the present-day hostility to the War On Terror.

It had been prefigured by the national liberation movements of the kind depicted by Isaac Julien in Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask (1996), his documentary about the author of the postcolonial classic The Wretched of the Earth.

Speaking of Tessa, with almost the entirety of relevant Skate Canada present and accounted for at the Langlois/Hay wedding, guess who was not? Jeff didn't give it a second thought, neither did Tessa, and later that year Tessa gave the green light for Fedor to tweet a photo of the two of them posing in front of an inn with Fedor "recommending" it. Scott letting us know he's getting busy with Jessica, Tessa with a desultory rotating line-up which immediately upon dating her takes up TMI habits on Twitter.