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I work as an expert beautician at the beauty saloon.I liked your profile, and I have decided to write to you.

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I've been on the originating or receiving end of the following rejections: "I need space." "I need time." "I thought I was over my ex." "It's not you, it's me." "Actually, it is you." On a date with a dour-looking man, for example, I worked hard to converse."I don't think we have much chemistry." Much chemistry?Still, it hurt to hear him say it — and left me wondering why I hadn't beaten him to the punch.It pays to be direct — or blunt, as conditions demand.I very much love the sun, a beach, warm air, and tenderness.

You may write to me on mine email [email protected] shall to wait very much!

takes a look at the options — and the costs involved…As you'll see, any one of these can make you wince, ache or change course.

) Here's how I define each R: It's a sad fact of the dating life that at some point you may have to tell someone, "This just isn't working for me." As brutal as that statement is to say, it's even tougher to hear.

Write to me, and leave your emails address, I shall write to you as there will be time.

I nice, making look younger, good, without bad habits a girl.

If you would like to study more about me, I ask to write to you on my E-Mail: [email protected] hope to receive the letter from you, and I wait with impatience.