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The Union has welfare as one of our priorities, so our SHAG campign not only encourages a fun social atmosphere, but it is to also highlight and protect the students of RGU too.

Each year, we run a number of campaigns and events to celebrate sex as well as promoting safe sex! RGU: Union wants to make sure all students are safe and protected.

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Card playing on the bench areas is also a frequent pass time.So check it out for a good time : / the up market 'bridge of don "bam"' likes to gather outside/in the fields behind ASDA/OLDMACHAR where they enjoy the activities of drinking/"trapping"/insulting old people/smoking and beating people up.RGU: Union works to provide support and advice to students, and one way we do that is through our ' SHAG' campaign.SHAG stands for Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance, like it says on the label, it’s a week in which RGU: Union gets all rude and raunchy taking about Sexual Health, Sexuality, Sex Safety and of course, SEX!If you have any doubts about what consent is and why it's important, the below video can help clarify this: This Week in the News: 10 people died after a van hit a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto, DJ Avicii has died aged 28 and Arsenal FC Manager Arsene Wenger has announced to step down from his job at the end of the season.

Most of them couldn't add two numbers together yet they think they're the smartest things out.

In the summer Aberdeen is a lovely place where the sun shines off the granite.

1)Union Terrace Gardens is nice when its sunny (just off Union Street) 2)the Al-fresco top of the St.

We are just ppl who want to chill wi our mates n hav a laugh! Fair enough I guess, as dozens of jumped-up 'smellies' can't have been helping their business very much.

Ravers used to go to outside 'BTs' (when they weren't beating us up in Union Terrace Gardens, that is), I don't know if that location's still in use.

Multiplex, Nightlife, Restaurants, Amusements, Cafes, Parks, Shops, the Miami Beach place! The best place to s LIP down to if you wanna f LIP with yer pals is off phi LIPs street in the city.