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But “Evan is the worst possible choice for someone with a kid who is looking for a serious boyfriend,” the source pointed out.“Her friends and family are warning her not to get in too deep.” Meanwhile, Evan’s been getting sim­ilar lectures from his superstar mom.“Ashlee and Evan know their fami­lies want the best for them, but they don’t appreciate the med­dling,” the source added.

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I totally don't blame her since he worships the ground she walks on—Kanye only follows Kim Kardashian on Twitter.He's also the father of her two super cute kids North and Saint West.Whether they were married, a casual hookup, or an innocent date, these are 15 exes that Kim Kardashian wishes her fans would forget about.This one might be way far back for you to remember, but believe it or not dating Nick Lachey was Kim Kardashian's first big tabloid story.Pete has moved on to a serious relation­ship with model Meagan Camper, while Ashlee’s big sis Jessica just had her second child with fiance Eric Johnson.

The source says that seeing everyone around her settling down has made Ashlee crave a stable relationship.“Diana told Evan she likes Ashlee well enough, just not for him and defi­nitely not as a future daughter-in-law.” Diana, 69, who had a love child with Motown Records honcho Berry Gordy, “seems to have forgotten her own past,” continued the source.“But Evan throws it in her face every time she slams Ashlee, which is often.” For now, the family objections ap­pear to be falling on deaf ears.Personally, I think that is a It always annoys me when people hate on Kim Kardashian for having three marriages.Personally, I think that is a lot better than staying in a marriage with someone when you're over it.“Evan has definitely earned his rep­utation as a partier,” noted the source.