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But if you two aren’t on the same page and a lot of these signs match up with him… Here are 10 signs your boyfriend is too immature for a relationship.

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An immature guy is never wrong; they would never accept they are wrong. An immature guy prefers pointing fingers at others instead of accepting his flaws.8.

FULL OF DRAMAImmature guys are always full of drama.

If he can't talk about how his feelings, how are you guys going to accomplish anything?

Source: Shutter Stock Of course you guys are going to spend a decent amount of time hooking up, whether it's having sex or just fooling around.

Or he'll do things just to make you angry if he's already annoyed at you.

If your BF does this kind of stuff, kick him to the curb. Source: Shutter Stock It's totally fine for your boyfriend to have a boy's night once a week or something.

If he lets you vent, gives you a hug and tries to calm you down, that's great.

But if he freaks out, has no idea what to do, shuts down emotionally or just straight up leaves you to deal with it on your own, he's obviously too immature to handle it. Source: Shutter Stock A mature guy knows when he's wrong, and he knows he has to apologize for it.

No lady wants to date an immature guy as it could be very frustrating.

I have got 8 good signs that would help you know if you are dating an immature guy. HE IS INDECISIVEWhen a man is indecisive, he finds it difficult to make strong decisions.

He obviously doesn't want to compromise his social life for his girlfriend, which isn't cool.