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Lawyers and experts alike agree that too many law professionals are trapped in their offices, bogged down with mental commitments, and have to intense of a fixation on their work.

Attorneys in their early 30s or younger, who Rikleen spoke with, voiced a real concern about how their jobs would affect their chances of meeting someone to marry.

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With a highly predictable schedule and a work load that ends when she leaves her job, Sherman's girlfriend leads a much less intense career life than he does, which has resulted in a clash within their relationship.

This shows that a sense of resentment can ensue when one is busy and stressed and the other one is not.

"There was definitely a perspective that there is a very high incidence of divorce among lawyers and that that comes from the stress of the 24-7 commitment of the job," said Rikleen.

Being a lawyer herself who has been married to her husband, also a lawyer, for 35 years, Rikleen found this consensus to be a bit shocking.

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discovered a great deal about the inner-workings of romantic relationships within law offices while conducting research for her book.

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Sherman has observed that many people have a lot of misconceptions about lawyers' lives, viewing them as rich and time-abundant people, but this is certainly not the case.

Because the legal world does not sleep, attorneys can get calls any day, any time, leaving a generous amount of lawyers mentally and physically exhausted by the time they manage to find any downtime with romantic partners.

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