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And then "pick and choose" amongst all the incredible women who are now interested, attracted, and intrigued. In the future we'll talk more extensively about ways to temporarily "fake" happiness, especially when you're not really feeling all that great.

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My parents didn't give me any money once I became an adult. Most of my friends are still the same ones from my 20's -- mainly middle or lower-middle class, even some friends who've had hard times, who are disabled or on welfare. He comes from a lower-middle-class family but has excellent character. But another man, an old friend, told me he loved me. I’m still wealthier than he is, but it’s not an issue.

I paid my dues and invested years of work with little pay. He is educated, has a good job, is hard-working, honest, frugal, has integrity, and is kind. He's asking himself: So what do I love about him?

by Allen Thompson I'm browsing through a Pier 1 Imports store, checking out the many cool and unique items. It's hot, the sun is shining, and there's some hip reggae on the sound system. I knew, assuming she wasn't married, the outcome of our imminent interaction was pretty much assured. At this site we talk about a lot of cool and unusual ways of attracting and intriguing women. NO, not even the "confidence" that we so frequently discuss. Heck, that's why I came to this site." And you're right.

(Nothing like the combination of heat, sun, and reggae to bring out my not-so-deeply-hidden parrothead side.) I'm bouncing through the store, a big smile on my face, practically dancing through the isles, and finding all kinds of interesting stuff for the "bachelor pad." I look up, and what do I spy, but a major cutie (a store employee) in the tightest, most form-fittingest jeans I've ever seen. I continued my browsing, and about 3 minutes later she comes over to see if I need any help. And these are cool, interesting, and great to read, no doubt about it. A happy man with low confidence will have little trouble with women, while an unhappy man with high confidence may find himself struggling. You probably would be happier if you had a special girl in your life, especially one that really rocks your world.

She had witnessed me bouncing around with a big smile on my face, dancing through the isles, feeling great, almost like a kid in a candy store. But I know if I had that one special girl in my life, to do things with, then I'd be happy.

There's not a perfect correlation, but they're related enough that it's reasonable to assume that if we can increase our level of happiness, then we'd most likely also increase our level of confidence. So rather than focus so much on building confidence, which most guys seem to have quite a problem achieving, maybe a better strategy might be to focus on building happiness. Attracting because you have, or seem to have, what women, and everyone else, wants. It seems that when it comes to attracting and dating women, you're either surrounded by women who are all shamelessly throwing themselves at you...You have to remember that most people in this world are not all that happy. So if you can capture a woman's emotions, make her think that you bring, spread, and exude "happiness" wherever you go, she'll do just about anything to get you, and just about anything to keep you. or you're surrounded by women who are all doing their best to completely ignore you (and doing a great job at it).Most are just getting by, often bored, frequently depressed, rarely excited. There doesn't really seem to be much of a middle ground.We need to train our minds to habitually think happy thoughts rather than unhappy ones.The following is very simple, very commonsensical, but will definitely work, if you give it a try.In other words, our thoughts, or what we CHOOSE to think about, determine whether we are happy or not.