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She was successful in getting the due justice, so it would be ideal for you to look up how India Ortega's mother reported and found success in the case.

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First, you have to teach the child the art of being "thick skinned' and going to tell them to fight back.cyberbullying is the game of making the biggest bluff seem all too real.Start a flame war, Don't let their fire hurt you and fight their fire with fire 2.Start a bluffing war like New Age Perspective told about, if you have someone cyberbullying saying "i'm going to school and beat you up" then have the child reply "my dad is part of the Fbi and can have your whole family arrested on assault charges and we can take your home away for drug investigations for up to two years." I don't think anyone would mess with this child online, this is tested and proven, cyberbullying is so new that bullies don't expect to be trolled back, so they believe your bluff instead of you believing theirs.

If you are experiencing online/phone text bullying, first know that it is not okay or appropriate for another person to speak or write to you in that manner.


The hardest age to deal with bullies is 13 tho, so just supervise it I am currently getting cyberbullied by my ex girlfriend.

Why cyberbully someone when you can just fake a natural disaster?

You should remember that there are better things to do in life then hate on people.

Save the texts, words or images, and communicate the experience to trusted parents/adults/school officials.