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Because in the hi-fi world with its sound, so I’d like to use that as a benchmark of value for money.

Both ‘tables get you awfully close to sonic heaven for their price point, albeit in different ways.

Now that’s a more complicated question to try, and answer.

You are absolutely right, the analog market flourishing, and this is very good because the cause is right.

Think about it: artists can create their music, and press vinyl records, and not be afraid of some jerks pirating their work. You can’t have numerous digital formats that all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Was the suspension design a matter of budget, or simply the adoption of new technologies to achieve a level of performance for Oracle at a certain price point?

Jacques Riendeau: The Paris suspension system sure is a budget compromise.

,500 CAN with tonearm, and cartridge), that in my opinion, both bring something special to the world of turntables.

But as I listened comparatively to them more, and more, I found that type of review didn’t make sense.

Did Oracle want to target a specific part of the now burgeoning ‘table market (Rega for example, which I think is a fair visual comparison for the uninitiated) with the simple, elegant, and eye-catching plinth style? The low voltage AC motor is also decoupled from the plinth using a Urethane material. RA: What other manufacturers are using comparable turntable technology to Oracle in your estimation, and whose designs (current or otherwise) do you have an interest in, or think are pursuing a design path that you find intriguing?

JR: The Paris is a continuation of the Oracle design philosophy. JR: I can appreciate turntables that are well-built… I do not think that a lot of the outrageously priced turntables in the market meet the well-built, with the right-ideas criteria.

From the very beginning, it has been defined that the different materials used in the building of the turntable have to be inert in the sense that they do not contribute to the amplification of unwanted energy. RA: I’d argue that right now there is more money, time, and research & development being committed to turntable design than at any previous time in the history of high fidelity.

What does the future of the record-player hold for Oracle in particular?

Duke Ellington playing piano well behind the pre-amp? That depends on many variables, and the biggest in my experience is always going to be audio nirvana with a number of outstanding choices available, but here I’m going to concentrate on two made available to me: the Linn Sondek LP12, and Oracle Paris MK V.