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This memorandum, formerly entitled “Discounts”, has been reissued to explain the Canada Border Services Agency’s revised policy on the treatment of reductions to the price paid or payable, which result from agreements in writing that are in effect at the time goods are imported to Canada. The price paid or payable, in accordance with subsection 45(1) of the Customs Act (the Act), is the total of all payments, whether direct or indirect, made or to be made in respect of the goods by the purchaser, to or for the benefit of the vendor. The term “price reduction” means a decrease in the price paid or payable for goods granted by the vendor. For the purposes of this memorandum, the term “discount” refers to an arrangement whereby the vendor, in return for the purchaser’s undertaking of certain obligations or accepting or meeting certain conditions, reduces the amount of the price paid or payable for the imported goods.This memorandum outlines and explains the treatment of price reductions in determining the value for duty under the transaction value method, in accordance with section 48 of the Customs Act. For example, the vendor may grant a discount for prompt payment (cash discount), or because the purchaser operates at a certain level of trade (trade level discount), or because the purchaser has agreed to purchase a specified quantity of the goods in the sale giving rise to their importation (quantity discount). If a price reduction is in effect at the time of importation, the amount of that price reduction must be considered when calculating the price paid or payable for the imported goods. As an example of a price reduction granted prior to importation, a firm in Canada purchases a machine from a foreign manufacturer. However, the manufacturer grants a 10% discount because the purchaser operates at the retail level of trade, resulting in a price paid or payable of .To do that, from the Accounting application dashboard, click on the "More" link on the bank and choose the option "Reconciliation Models".

For coding purposes, when the obligation or condition necessary for a discount is fulfilled or met prior to, or at time of importation, and no adjustment identified in subsection 48(5) of the Act applies, the value for duty code to be declared is “13” if the purchaser and vendor are unrelated.If they are related parties, the value for duty code to be declared is “23”. After the price paid or payable for the imported goods has been identified, a vendor may agree to provide a purchaser with a credit or other compensation in certain circumstances.In accordance with paragraph 48(1)(b) of the Act, a trade-in represents a condition or consideration in respect of which a value cannot be determined.In addition, subsection 48(5) of the Act does not provide for a deduction from the price paid or payable for an amount of a trade-in allowance. Since the transaction value method cannot be used, the value for duty must be determined under the subsequent methods of valuation provided for in sections 49 to 53 of the Act.Since the parties agreed on the discount prior to importation, the price paid or payable is and is an acceptable basis for value for duty, subject to the other requirements of the transaction value method being met (section 48 of the Act). The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will only accept a reduction in the price paid or payable that occurs after importation if: 7.

Prior to importation, a vendor may offer to a purchaser cash discount terms that provide for a reduced payment to be made within a specific time period that concludes after the date the goods are imported.

The discount would be applied to the first and second order, and the price paid or payable for the additional bicycles would be reduced by per unit.

Note: Discounts are treated as part of the price paid or payable rather than as adjustments identified in subsection 48(5) of the Act.

Usually, the value for duty is calculated under section 53, the residual method of valuation, and includes the purchaser’s payment and the amount of the trade-in allowance. For information on agreements between related parties to later reduce the price paid or payable which are in effect at time of importation, refer to Memorandum D13-4-5, Transaction Value Method for Related Persons. For more information, within Canada call the Border Information Service at 1-800-461-9999.

From outside Canada call 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064. Agents are available Monday to Friday ( – local time/except holidays).

If used properly, cash discounts improve the Days Sales Outstanding aspect of a business's cash conversion cycle.