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The Wave/PC and its supplied software integrates FM and AM broadcasts with my PC's resources, including discs in my CD-ROM drive, streaming Web radio, and MP3 and files on my hard disk.

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Not a huge problem (there's far better bass than you'd expect), except that the radio must be kept far from my monitor to avoid interference, and I'm used to the sound coming from dead ahead.Also, I have to check the PC to find out which source is playing.Originally sent there to study medicine, Bose had withdrawn due to ill-health exacerbated by the disagreeable aroma of the dissection rooms.Instead, Bose returned with a collection of degrees in multiple disciplines and a letter of introduction that prompted the Viceroy of India to request an appointment for him at Presidency College in Kolkata (Calcutta).While academics were busy uncovering the mysteries of electromagnetism, bands of entrepreneurs were waiting to pounce on the pure science and engineer solutions to problems that didn’t even exist yet, but could no doubt turn into profitable ventures.

We’ve all heard of the epic battles between Edison and Tesla and Westinghouse, and even with the benefit of more than a century of hindsight it’s hard to tell who did what to whom.Bose recognized early on that shorter wavelengths would make it easier to explore the properties of radio waves that were similar to light, like reflection, refraction, and polarization.To do so, he invented almost all the basic components of microwave systems – waveguides, polarizers, horn antennas, dielectric lenses, parabolic reflectors, and attenuators.Early wireless pioneers had discovered that electromagnetic waves could be rectified by fine metal particles contained in a tube between metal conductors; the electrical energy would cause the particles to clump together and become conductive.The device was called a because of the clumping action and was used as rectifiers in all the early practical wireless receivers, despite its operation being not well-understood. Early coherers had a problem, though – the filings stayed stuck together after the signal had passed.The screens include basic controls, six user presets, a panel showing the current selection, and a sortable index of all available tracks or stations.