Belinda stronach dating peter mckay

No one wants to feel like they are being bullied into a relationship.Try to pick what feels like the best opportunity to talk about it, not the first opportunity. If he is honest and admits to having a commitment issue, could you give him more time?If you have agreed to be exclusive, things are easy: Where does he see this relationship going, exactly?

I have read what you have written on this subject and I know you said that men are slower to remove their profiles than woman so my question is how long is reasonable to wait for him to do this before you say something or begin to feel offended by it?

His response actually makes me wonder if he even realizes that he could hide his profile.

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They like having women contacting themeven if they are rejecting all of them as it makes them feel desirable.

If you think this is annoying I definitely understand but I would still encourage tact when you try to resolve this issue.

Just as some people have trouble committing, others are far too quick to try to do so.

The reader above waited six weeks and I think that is very patient.

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Silly logic aside, I would ask any reader who has this issue the same thing I asked the woman who contacted me: Until the conversation happens, I would say it is fair for a guy to keep his profile up.