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In fact, by the time this column comes out, we should be just about done...― It had to happen sometime: the great yokai Kitaro would eventually meet someone he couldn't easily defeat.

As it turns out, that's an entire race of yokai – vampires. The game will debut on September 25 in the Americas, Europe, and Australia.

The announcement states that the two married sometime in 2016.He adds that when he first met his wife, she had a chil...― Japan's Game Ranking: July 9-15 Rank System Title Maker Release Date Weekly Copies Total Copies 4Gamer Reader Review 1NSw Octopath Traveler Square Enix July 13 110,111 110,111 75 2NSw Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Nintendo July 13 41,852 41,852 3NSw Mario Tennis Ace Nintendo July 22 21,838 227,452 35 4NSw Splatoon 2 (Including Bundled Editions) Nintendo July 21, 201...Maybe it's because I've been in the anime business so long (20 years!!), but until I got this questio...― Since I didn't mention it last week, I'll use this space to point out that the Preview Guide for this season is up and running.The film sold 440,000 tickets and earned 500 million yen (about US.42 million). stage musicals announced on Saturday that actor Ryō Kitazono was diagnosed with retinal detachment and had to undergo surgery in Paris.

Due to the surgery, he did not take the stage as the character Kogitsunemaru during the performance of the The Newtype Anime Market store has a whole section dedicated to Code Geass merchandise.Yonaga wrote "I am truly apprehensive about sharing personal matters but I have been blessed with a child and my family has a new addition.Although we are inexperienced parents, we're determined to protect and nurture our child.The video introduces the features unique to the game, including Team Attacks, the Geo System, character creation, the high level and damage cap, and the ab...Voice actor Tsubasa Yonaga announced the birth of his and his wife Yuka Nishigaki's first child on Twitter on Tuesday.The site is now counting down to the broadcast, and is promising a special event after the broad...― The official website for TV Tokyo's Ani Tele app revealed on Wednesday that it will begin streaming the first two episodes of the "Yōkoso Japari Park" "original short story" on August 12 at p.m.