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The reason here is that a move request causes the Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) to update several attributes in the user object that MRS uses to track and report the progress of a move.

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Both share the same fundamental root cause in that Exchange 2010 is unable, for some reason, to update or create information in Active Directory.

The first issue I’ll discuss is when you can’t create a new mailbox move request for some reason.

The event detail is similar to the MRS error described above – unable to create the container under the user object.

Admin SDHolder is one of the most common reasons why ACEs don’t get stamped on objects.

Things become more interesting when you have to cope with the debris of previous deployments.

Of course, the problems are entirely due to other administrators who are now long gone and have left you to clean up the mess.If you disbelieve me, simply break out the schema update files from the Exchange 2010 installation kit to see the number of changes that Exchange makes to the Active Directory to store all the information it needs about mail-enabled objects, its configuration, and other objects.Greenfield deployments have always been the easiest for Exchange.You can retrieve this data with the cmdlet (or from EMC).However, to begin a move, MRS has to be able to update Active Directory and if it can’t, the move hits a brick wall and fails immediately.Some of those issues might be lingering problems in Active Directory that come to the surface during the deployment of Exchange 2010 and that’s what I want to cover here.