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The New Dodge is so much more flexible and willing to work with our needs.

We are so encouraged by this new direction, and this new management team.

Dodge has been instrumental in helping us tailor the information to create processes and reports to measure our market penetration and track our results.

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When you want the best outcomes, you need the best content.As an architect or design professional, to truly ensure that your design is realized, it is essential that you have access to CAD details, BIM objects, catalogues, galleries and specifications.To do so, the team conducted a well-designed and superbly comprehensive Brand Equity study across our major sub-brands of Building Systems, Enclosure Solutions, Bridge Systems, and Environmental. Siemens Building Technologies is extremely pleased with the market research capabilities of Dodge.The results reported in DODGE's landmark Greening of Corporate America Smart Market Report are both exciting and revealing.The Internet is crowded with adult web sites competing against one another for the traffic that can lead to advertising dollars. Learn how to create an adult web site that will allow you to get in on the wealth of advertising dollars this industry generates every day. You need to know what your content will be and where you will get it. A website needs content in order to generate visitors.

Are you going to write the text and take the pictures yourself? Content needs to be updated regularly to keep visitors coming back.Bringing manufacturer-specific content into your designs, without having to change applications or search the web is even better.Research, compare and select the perfect set of products, components and materials for your building project with Sweets.Dodge has enabled me to successfully fill my pipeline with accurate, quality firm and project information, and we're now making great strides in getting SIGA specified and purchased.In today's competitive business environment, having timely information about our market and customers equates to more sales.In less than a week with Dodge I have already been added to three new customers’ direct bid lists and I am quoting on jobs that I had no idea were available.